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Capsule Filling Machine 300 Holes (HAND OPERATED)
Brand – KFW Scientific Industries
This capsule filling performs a number of tasks that increases its demand in pharmaceutical industry. Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine consists of no. of plates for putting capsules by hand where as it also has function for removing caps of the capsules. Filling of powder in capsule is done by dispensing of brush pressing and after that fixing of caps is done.


• Carom M.S body and all leavers.

• Capacity 300 holes

• Capsule loading plate 3 nos

• Stainless steel compressing pins plates for filling the capsules.

• All capsules touching parts in 304 stainless steel.

• Easily lock the capsules remove the cap.

• Filling tray and brush is provided with machine.

• 0, 00 ,1 & 2 number capsule size available

• Injector type machine

• Accuracy 98%

• Model is available in stoke 0 number capsule for 500mg
Change part is also available


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