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Optical Bench

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Comprising a wooden baseboard 1.1mx115mm. with a 1m scale divided in millimeters and figured every centimeters, fixed along the front edge and complete with the following accessories:
2 White-face object & receiving screens each comprising a white card having an aperture and index, in a black metal frame 150x100mm with an index mark at the end.
1 plane mirror 150x100mm mounted on a wooden base as above.
4 Lens holders, each comprising a wooden upright with
a” shaped slot to hold lenses up to 75mm, diameter, mounted on a wooden base 100x50mm with an index line at the end.
1 Needle mounted vertically in a short wooden rod in the center of a wooden base 100x50mm.
1 candle holder.
The optical center height of all the components is 100 mm above the base board.


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