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Tablet Making Machine Motorized

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Tablet Making Machine Motorized
Brand – KFW Scientific Industries
TABLET MACHINE MOTORIZED: – Stroke machine is an eccentric driven press for tablets upto maximum 1/2” diameters. The speed of the machine is tablets upto maximum minute with single punch fitted. It can take up multi-punches as per the diameter of the tablet. Tablets which can be pressed may have round, square, triangular or any other design depending on the die & punch.

Specifications: – Type

Maximum tablet diameter – 1/2”

Depth of fill (adjustable) – 3/8”

Maximum operating pressure upto 5 tons

Output : 45 to 60 tablets per minute

Motor : 1 or 1.5 H.P. 960 R.P.M.

4440V 50Hz, 3 Phase

Overall Dimensions (CM) : 46WX60DX138H


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