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We are offering our customers a wide range of Trinocular Fluorescence Microscope With Digital Ca, which are available following Features :-
# A Robust, stable & very big body.
# Consisting of : Main Body W for right side stage handle with substage left handle built in ND8 filter, fixed diffuser field diaphragm adjusting tools (1 piece), fine and coarse focusing with re-focusing mechanism and torque adjustments built-in transformer, for 6V-20W built-in lamphouse 6V20W halogen lamp. Immersion oil A, 8cc, Power Cord (220-240V)
# Filter 45mm 11,Dust Cover,C-N sextuple Nosepiece
# Mechanical Stage, Rectangular mechancial stage with stay in position stage handle on right side with stage size of 243mm x 159mm surface area & cross travel range of 78mm x 54mm
# specimen holder “L2″ for 2 specimen holder
# Trinocular Tube “F” UW (for F.O..V. 22mm/25mm) with tube including angle at 25″ and Interpupillary distance of 50-75mm
# Anti Mould Agent,Eyepiece Lens 10x with diopter adjustment (F.O.V. 22mm)
# Eyepiece Guard
# Phase Contrast Attachment
# Phase Contrast Turret Condenser with 6 positions (1 Bright field position with aperture diaphragm NAO.9, 3 Phase position (PH1,PH2,PH3), 1 Dark field position, NAO.75, 1 Closed position.
# Filter, 45mm Centring Telescope with UW Adapter
# Achromat DL 10X (Anti Fungus) PH1 N.A. 0.25 W.D.7.0mm
# Achromat LWD DL 20XA (Anti Fungus) N.A. 0.40 W.D.3.9mm, Ph1
# Achromat LWD DL 40X (Anti Fungus) N.A. 0.65 W.D.O. 65mm spring loaded, Ph2
Sample Availability : Yes
Supplier Product Code : KFW-025


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