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Chapati Warmers Electric

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Chapati Warmers Electric
The Chapati Warmers which we offer to the customers have been made using a high quality of stainless steel which is used for manufacturing these products. The food warmers which we offer to the customers have a very sturdy built and they are available in rectangular and in the round shapes. Our products are made available to the customers at very reasonable rates in the market. These products have a long shelf life and they are non-corrosive in nature.
Chapatti Warmer Stainless Steel Electric
Double walled. Glass wool insulation. Temperature controller on off switch. 2 indicator lights. Heating elements of kanthal wire. The Door is fitted with a glass.
Cap 400 chapattis with 2 Trays
Cap 600 chapattis with 3 Trays
Cap 800 chapattis with 4 Trays
Cap 1200 chapattis with 4 Trays


Reasonable rates


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