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Staining Jar

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Staining Jar

Staining jars are used to stain specimens such as bacteria, cells and tissues on microscope slides. … 1, Microscope slides smeared with bacterial specimens such as sputum, tissue fluid, and secretions are inserted into the grooves of the stainin jar.

  • Coplin staining jar holds up to five single slides or ten slides 3 x 1 in. (75 x 25mm) back-to-back vertically

  • 08-813E: Dish made from soda-lime glass

  • 02-912-618: Replacement cap: polypropylene

  • inside dimensions L × W × D 26 mm × 26 mm × 90 mm

  • withstand temperatures up to 500°C

  •  moist heat applications such as microwaves, autoclaves or water baths.


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